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The Umbrella for Democratic Change is a heartfelt response to the cries, pleas and conjugations of a nation in distress.For decades a divided opposition has given the BDP an undeservedly long lease on life. Parties pursued an agenda informed by the power play of sectarian interests.Then our people spoke. They spoke more loudly than they had ever done before. They expressed their yearning. They called for unity to pursue their agenda: change. The public sector strike and it’s clarion call for regime change was clear in its indignant eloquence. We responded and made solemn pledges to our nation. I and the other leaders of UDC have delivered on our pledges. We have kept our promise to Botswana. We have given you the Umbrella for democratic change.

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P O Box 0065,
Plot 10139
Kaunda Rd.

Tel : +267 316 7392
E-mail : info@udc.org.bw

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