The Umbrella for Democratic Change has given so much vitality and creative energy to our politics. It has deepened our people’s yearning for change. It has given old and young alike renewed hope in their future and the future of their country. The intensity of its vision has been truly inspirational. We continue to restore each individual’s conviction in their own worth and help them aspire to a higher and greater collective purpose that fulfils and glorifies the personal miracle of each individual’s existence. 

The UDC is living proof of the thrust of creativity and genius that results when we submit all our traditional institutions, beliefs and practices to stringent examination. It has brought home the reality that history is not merely the unfolding of a foreordained blueprint. We have reimagined ourselves and our society and engaged in the most vigorous experimentation to bring about the unity of purpose that defines us and the matchless clarity of our narrative. It offers a vibrant alternative to the current squandering of our intellectual and human capabilities. 

Thanks to the restless energy and amazing talent of our young people, we now present and settle the UDC comfortably in a new cosmos of interchangeable matter, elastic time and curved space. We are now making ourselves at home in the digital world and offer this website as a platform to relay and share our message as well as our vision, far and wide. I hope it encourages energetic debate, creative dissemination of ideas and enriches our ongoing quest for a better future for our country. This is your website. Enjoy it and embrace change.

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