Dear friends,

1. I am writing to appraise you on some of the challenges and progress we are confronting as communities of the Bonnington South constituency. It has been easier to meet some of you at various for a, functions, kgotla meetings and community hall meetings. Many of you are unhappy that the message never reaches you, about our meetings or the programmes we are conducting.

2. First and foremost, many of you continue to be unware of the various community projects we are embarking on, some of them have materialised and some of them are work in progress. I wish to share with you what these programmes are about. It pains me that the message about some of these programmes has not reached you, and yet many of you may benefit from them.

3. The first programme is our Bonnington-South School and Education programme. This programme is intended to bring out the best in all our children who currently at high school. The programme offers free classes for all subjects, to help sharpen all our students in the constituency. The programme is also ideal for all children and adults who have fared badly at Olevels and Junior Certificate but now wish to re-sit the examinations. We have classes for all these children and adults as well. One of the visions of our constituency is to produce and offer to our nation, the best engineers, doctors and scientists for the future. This programme has been ongoing and successfully so, but I believe there are thousands of young people out there who do not know about it. Please note this programme and inform your neighbours about it.

4. Another programme is our Bonnington-South Health Programme. This programme focuses on supplementing the work of the Government health system, particularly clinics in our constituency. The programme mostly takes the form of seminars for members of our community. The seminar topics are on topical ailments such as cancer, lifestyle-ailments (high blood pressure, low blood pressure, suger – diabetes) and hygiene. The drivers of this programme are volunteer doctors, nurses and health-science students. All our constituents need to register their names with the office of the MP if they seek to receive invitation to the various seminars, all of which are open to the general public.

5. The office of the Member of Parliament is also in the process of establishing a Bonnington South Infrastructure Programme. This initiative is inspired by a team of engineers that has identified infrastructure needs and lapses in the constituency, which do not necessarily have to wait for Government intervention. The idea is to establish a Bonnington-South Infrastructure Trust, to raise contributions for the fitting of street light-globes, and digging of flood-prone areas where necessary. This is the engineering team that also takes your ideas about infrastructure needs in your area for inclusion in Government’s development plans.

6. The office of the Member of Parliament is also working on a Bonnington-South Safety Programme, to enhance the safety and security of our community citizens, especially children and women during night time. Residents of Phase 4 have been especially hit by crime and murders in recent time. I am happy to announce that, under this programme, we have been able to secure a porta-camp for placing in phase 4. The Botswana Police Services have agreed to man the porta-camp. Under this programme, the office of the MP is pursuing other porta-camps for placement in volatile areas. It has been agreed that a new trust, Bonnington-South Safety Trust, be established to raise more infrastructure and other resources required for purposes of enhancing safety in our BonningtonSouth communities.

7. The office of the MP is also working on bringing together all sports-codes in Bonnington-South to help coordinate the grooming of young sports-people, training of sports professionals, coordination of tournaments, coordinate the upgrading of sports-field and coordinating fund-raising activities for sports under the Bonnington-South Sports Trust. We are doing the same for musician and aspirants within the creative arts sector through the Bonnington-South Creative Arts Trust.

8. In the same way as we are doing for sports and the creative arts, we will be doing the same for the development of entrepreneurs through the Bonnington-South Entrepreneurial Development Trust. Our work for people living with disabilities is lagging behind, and is in need of volunteers to vigorously pursue the challenges faced by this segment of our communities.

9. The office of the MP is also developing a framework for measuring the performance or state of our health system (clinics), schools and Government services in our constituencies. We need these measures to assist us make a collective case in making Government account, or the city council council account where necessary. We also have to account, as a community, for the performance of our students, as it reflects on us as parents and guardians as well.

10. In Parliament, I have used the seat you loaned out to me, to contribute in making Parliament sharper in making the Executive accountable for how it uses and allocates our nation’s resources. The work of this seat in the various Parliamentary Committees has been extensive. I sit in the following committees: a) Finance and Estimates Committee b) Public Accounts Committee c) Economics, Trade and Development Committee and the d) International Parliamentary Union.

11. I have also noticed questions and motions to Parliament, as part of making Parliament more effective in holding the Executive to account. The motions I have noticed are in a queue and are scheduled for discussion in the budget session of Parliament in 2016. The motions pertain to our water/power situation (establishment of a regulator), establishment of a green-fund, a mineral beneficiation fund, a home-ownership initiative, a health regulator and performance measurement regime for Government. These motions, if adopted, could change how Government works as well as improve the quality of life of our people.

12. Allow me also to thank you eternally, for entrusting me to represent you in Parliament. The work will only bear fruit if you all step forward and realise that it is you who carry the keys for our progress, and not any one individual. I encourage you to say in touch with my office, and register your details with the MPs office to assist make our outreach to you more effective. Many of the programmes we are initiating are work-in-progress and require your input and participation. We have to accept that kgotla-meetings may not be ideal for our communion, and have to to gravitate towards community-hall meetings, seminars and special functions for our interaction.

13. Finally, allow me to invite you to our constituency Christmas party to be held on __________. Please do come, to share a special moment with me and your neighbours.

14. Please accept my best wishes for you over the Christmas season and many blessings of prosperity in the new year.

Your Friend and Member of Parliament

Ndaba Gaolathe

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